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Health insurance

Health insurance for residence in Turkey

by an official agent without an insurance intermediary in Turkey
Turkish health insurance for stay with rendezvous and free tax code!

Residence insurance

برای صدور فوری بیمه سلامت ترکیه و تکمیل پرونده‌ی اقامت خود، می‌توانید با ما بصورت مستقیم تماس گرفته و درخواست استعلام قیمت نمایید.

این بیمه همان بیمه‌ی مورد نظر دولت ترکیه برای اتباع خارجی است که می‌بایست به اداره مهاجرت نیز ارائه گردد تا نسبت به انجام اخذ یا تمدید اقامت شما اقدام گردد.

As you know and have probably read, in order to receive or extend all types of residence in Turkey, it is necessary to have and provide health insurance in the file and to the immigration office. The name of this insurance is the health insurance of foreign nationals or Yabancılar Sağlik Sigortası in Turkish, which in itself represents its type and application. Turkish residence insurance was not required before and you could get it after receiving the appointment (interview time), but after the changes in the rules for accepting foreign nationals in different ways, from the beginning of 2022, it was decided that in order to prevent falsification of documents, The applicant's health insurance information should be registered in the residence pre-registration system.
Therefore, İKAMET VİP company (belonging to Alper Visa) is the official representative of 30 insurance companies in Turkey, which we can provide all kinds of insurance to our valued customers. Our company has the possibility of providing insurance with a discount and real price, more than other agents, due to having a direct contract and without intermediaries.
Also, after purchasing health insurance from IKAMET VIP, you will have your stay for free as a gift for the immigration office interview!

Buying Turkish health insurance

How to buy Turkish residence insurance for Turkey

To buy Turkish health insurance for foreigners, just call our contact number or WhatsApp or send a message, in the text of your message, write your exact date of birth in the form of day/month/year to get a detailed inquiry about the price of the insurance. The comment will be sent to you.
You can choose the insurance company of your choice depending on the type of insurance coverage or the suitability of its price.
You can also see the price list of insurance companies on this page, then call.

بیمه شما توسط شرکت رسمی ثبت شده بیمه تحت عنوان کارگذاری بیمه های کشور ترکیه فعالیت کرده و صادر می‌نماید.

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Online Application
Application form for health insurance in Turkey

Please enter the requested information correctly. After registering the information, our colleagues will contact you within one hour to complete the process of issuing and sending your insurance policy.

Select and upload the image of the first page of your passport (it should be of high quality).

Health insurance in Turkey to obtain residency

What is our guarantee to you?

One of the concerns of applicants for renewal or new residency when buying insurance is the authenticity of their health insurance. As an employer or an official insurance broker in Turkey, we have the possibility to issue all types of insurance directly and without intermediaries. Therefore, we have the possibility to apply various discounts and services. For this reason, we are confident about our business and we inform our dear customers that all their insurance matters are done with a guarantee.

Determining the authenticity of the insurance policy
Determining the authenticity of the insurance policy

To check the authenticity of your insurance policy, scan one of the barcodes in your insurance contract with your mobile camera and click on the link that is displayed to display the inquiry from the official website of your insurance company.

Documents required to purchase Turkish residence insurance

Documents required to issue health insurance in Turkey

1- The image of the first page of the passport (if you renew in Turkey, the previous passport is also required).

2- The exact address of the place of residence.

3- Valid and available Turkish phone number.

4- The date of application to start the insurance (if you are renewing, the end date of Kimlik).

Issuance is done via WhatsApp instantly, but it will last up to 1 hour as a registration form.

Turkish residence insurance services

Health insurance coverage and medical services for foreign nationals of Turkey (YSS)

In general, residence insurance is an insurance to guarantee your health in Turkey at the time of an accident. In the text below, we have described the services and coverage of health insurance for foreign nationals:

Turkish residence insurance services

  • Coverage of public transport accidents and incidents
  • General practitioner
  • Checkup test
  • Transport to the emergency room by ambulance

Coverage limit of residence insurance

Costs of surgery and government hospital of the contracting party with insurance: full coverage (unlimited)

Surgery and public hospital expenses without insurance contract: coverage up to 80%

Emergency and ambulance (contracting party): full coverage

Emergency and ambulance without a contract: 250 lira for the patient's share


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بیمه ترکیه برای کیملیک

Frequently asked questions about buying Turkish health insurance

Yes, residence insurance is mandatory for all those who intend to obtain temporary residence in Turkey.

No, Turkish residence insurance is not mandatory for foreigners under 18 years old and over 65 years old.

From the beginning of 2023, this is not possible and no money will be returned.

There are three ways to check the Turkish residence insurance. First, on the website of the Immigration Department, during the registration of the residence application at the stage that asks you for the insurance details, if your insurance information is fake, the system will give an error and you will find out!

The second way is to inquire about the insurance number from your insurance company, which can be done over the phone.

The third method of inquiry is to scan the barcodes on the insurance policy, because it will be displayed to you through the Turkish government website.

بیمه های صادر شده از سوی شرکت ما، توسط کارگذار رسمی بیمه که یک شرکت ترک است صادر می‌شود و ما نماینده‌ی آن کارگذاری هستیم.

Yes, if you are a student in Turkey, you will be given a significant discount.

قیمت بیمه سلامت در ترکیه
انواع بیمه در ترکیه

هزینه بیمه اقامت در ترکیه

هزینه بیمه اقامت در کشور ترکیه یکی از اولین دغدغه های افرادی است که قصد مهاجرت به کشور ترکیه را دارند. این مهاجرت می‌تواند از

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  1. Hello, is it possible to go to the hospital with Turkish health insurance or is it only for accommodation insurance?

    1. باسلام و احترام، بله برای دریافت راندوو اقامت ترکیه باید این بیمه نامه رو دریافت کنید تحت عنوان بیمه اقامت ترکیه

    1. باسلام و عرض ادب، برای استعلام دقیق قیمت بیمه اقامت ترکیه لطفا با ما تماس بگیرید چون نیاز به تاریخ دقیق تولد است، اما بطور حدودی برای متقاضی ۲۸ ساله با ۳۰ درصد تخفیف ۷۷۰ لیر و بدون تخفیف ۱۱۰۰ لیر است.

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