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Registering a specialized stay appointment with the lowest risk of rejection!

Making an appointment with the immigration office

Request for an interview with the Turkish Immigration Department بار اول دانشجویی تمدید خرید خانه

If you buy insurance from us, your interview time will be registered completely free of charge.

What is randevu?

Randevu means an interview or an appointment that you need to register first in order to receive an appointment from the Immigration Department to apply for temporary residence of various types. The appointment can be registered through the website of the Turkish Immigration Department, but if If you are not fluent in Turkish, it will be a bit difficult for you, that's why you can register your rendezvous request to receive various types of accommodation on the VIP accommodation website on this page so that we can register it for you carefully and respecting the vital points.

It should be noted that in order to register a residence appointment in Turkey, it is necessary to have the insurance of foreign nationals or Turkish health insurance, which is also called YSS. If you buy your insurance from us, your appointment will be registered completely free of charge.

Required Documents

Documents required for immigration administration

The following documents are required to register an appointment:

for online appointment:
Required documents to submit to the immigration office

Rendvo registration fee

The cost of registering a request for a Turkish residence interview (Randevu)

If you yourself through the website of the Immigration Department to the address https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.trThere is no cost to register an appointment, if you entrust this work to us, it will cost a total of 200 liras.

In addition, you can register your appointment using the form at the bottom of this page!

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Registration form for appointment to stay in Turkey

To receive an interview appointment from the immigration office of your province of residence in Turkey, just fill out the form below.
Be careful when entering information. After completing and sending the form, we will contact you!

Complete all the information according to the passport and English
If you apply for renewal, enter the required information in the fields below.
If the type of your identity card is tourist and it will be changed to any type of study or work, choose from the following options.
If you are a student (whether for the first time or renewal), enter your education information completely in the fields below.
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