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Immigration services to Turkey

Immigration and travel to Turkey without additional cost Worry !

About Us

اIKAMET VIP It is one of the websites under the group of businesses of Alper Media Turkey, which includes many businesses. Turkish residence is one of the things that we do professionally and fundamentally, in fact, with legal methods and without the possibility of rejection of residence. We will do it.
Services are also provided in Turkey in the field of the welfare of the countrymen and Persian speakers, which are mentioned in this website.
Our company also has a direct cooperation agreement with luxury construction projects in Istanbul, which, if you want to obtain citizenship of this country, you can buy real estate We accompany the valid document.

Study in Turkey

Admission to Turkish universities

Turkey is one of the most immigration-friendly neighboring countries of Iran, and different nationalities have immigrated there for a better life. One of the main types of residency issued in Turkey is the Turkish academic residency, which is in high demand due to the high ranking of universities. .

پذیرش تحصیلی ترکیه

Turkiye Passport

Obtaining citizenship of Turkiye

Turkish passport is one of the most reliable passports in the world, with which you can travel to 115 countries of the world without the need for a visa and enjoy your life in addition to the right of citizenship and social welfare of Turkey.
Also, this type of investment gives you the possibility of financial progress to a great extent compared to other countries, even European!

Turkiye insurance types

Health insurance for residence in Turkiye

Turkey is one of the most expensive countries in the field of medical services, but instead, there are many companies that operate in the field of providing insurance services so that medical costs, damages and accidents reach their lowest level.
Also, one of the requirements for obtaining a residence in Turkey is to have health insurance!
Our company is a party to the contract with 40 reputable insurance companies in Turkey in all fields and coverages!

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